Mar 7, 2013

Siri Arrives At DDFBusty, Most Shiny Looking - Solo And HC Release

Siri has a very busy and action packed first year in her porn star career behind her. Finally she makes now her debut for DDFBusty, with 2 releases in quick succession. Whether the people at DDFBusty thought that they must come up with something that makes a difference (after Siri is already featured with so much content at dozens of sites), or it "just happened", but Siri makes an absolutely amazing fresh impression on these 2 updates. This is due to the rather discrete makeup. But also Siri herself keeps up this allure - she looks almost innocent, doesn't she? With this straight, unaffected vibe her curvy body with these tasty big 32HH boobies shines hotter than ever. The solo set (her debut) is called Her Breasty Bounty - the 80 images and 16 min video was released about a week ago. After these screen shots samples from the image set:

More screen shots from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer

Just this sample from Best Job Of The Future, the fresh of the presses HC release (DDFBusty hasn't delivered any promo samples yet):


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