Mar 16, 2013

Ewa Sonnet - Gets A Little Carried Away On Her Bed. And Opinions Too…

On Bed is Ewa Sonnet's follow-up to Come Closer, and again a rather intimate clip. As well the subject of a few discussions. Busty PL tell in the update info that Ewa got "very horny" here, ending up with her "boldest video ever made" - "we'll flip out!". People (just a few) are complaining now that we don't see PINK while Ewa obviously is playing (the camera keeps just showing her boobs and her face). And call it "boring and disappointing". Sure, some peeps want direct into their faces documented action. And those demanding the next step usually are more assertive or opinionated than the fans who are just happy with what they're already getting, and that's why often not even heard in such a discussion. What can lead to wrong statistical conclusions. However, isn't it the key of the Ewa Sonnet attraction that she will never show direct pink action? Which in return gives us these stellar views of her radiant face and her mesmerizing big natural boobs? Thus i don't see why she should  change her policy, or why not doing so can be seen as "disappointing". Ewa Sonnet is a true legend and a class of her own, just the way she is doing her thing. I agree however that the site's advertising might raise false hopes, in case people are not familiar with Ewa Sonnet.

It's funny that this 9:15 video starts with a police siren clearly audible in the background. A sheer coincidence quite likely, and signaling nicely the special state Ewa is heading into. After starting with her precious big natural boobs, she gets unusually carried away. I can't remember having seen such an expression on her face before. What a tremendous girl! The downloadable clip is available at Busty PL, together with tons more of exclusive content with Ewa Sonnet and other busty models. More screen shots:



  1. Who gives a shit about this polish bitch. If she won't show her pussy, I wont' watch. And neither will anyone else. Her fanbase will dwindle to the point where she will eventually HAVE to show her precious little vagina.


  2. It is 100% YOUR preference what you rather would like Ewa Sonnet to show or do in front of the camera (and consequently what you're spending your money on). As it is 100% Ewa's decision to choose what she is doing. So why so much contempt in your words? Show a little respect. That's so much better in many ways :)

    As well you have no idea of how popular Ewa Sonnet is. I mean i can see how many people are checking my posts my blog posts about her. She is still one of the most popular models. So, even without your approval, there must be tons of people who like what she is doing.


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