Mar 27, 2013

Rockel Starbux - At Digital Desire, Naturally Hot And Dandy

Rockel Starbux is a beautiful girl with a gorgeous body and a pair of mesmerizing big boobs. I noticed as well that she's a pretty real and open in her comments usually, thus giving us more details and facets, rather than sticking to polished and generic blah. A nice personal touch, making her even more lovable, doesn't it? DosTetas, who is running an always worth to check blog, has done an interview with Rockell a while ago (as i've just noticed), which adds a few interesting facets.

Recently i've been only blogging about her work with Score (here's the latest one). A model with Rockell's qualities for sure gets the attention of a lot of other photographers, although not all of the subsequent work can be seen at the predictable big boob sites. So she has worked with Digital Desire who released Rockel Starbux Plays With Her Big Breasts a couple of weeks ago, a pictorial and a video. It is shot in a rather artistic style, but, have no fear! The Rockel that we love doesn't get buried under layers of artificialness. This is perfectly the Rockel that we know, just in a different light (literally speaking), yet the instantly mesmerizing hottie. Also she doesn't only play with her boobs, with getting white vocal actually. More samples:

Screen shots from the low res sample clip (which is pixelated, unlike the members the full res members video, as i would expect)


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  1. Oh my such a gorgeous, luscious woman. I want to tangle tongues with her and would luv to suck those lovely pointy tits sliding down to have those legs crisscross my head tight beneath her. mmmmmmm....she's such a dream.


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