Mar 24, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Needs LOTS Of Oil For Her Royal Curves. And Has Even More Energy…

Nude Oil is Ewa Sonnet's latest video at Busty PL, the site that exclusively has been releasing her content for many years now. Nude Oil somehow picks up where On Bed, her previous video, ended. So again we see a remarkably naughty Ewa, this time spread out on the floor. Even wrapped in plastic, her big natural tits shine majestically. Of course she releases them, to start with a full oil treatment. And continues to lotion her whole body. After the previous experience, we're not really surprised that Ewa gets a little playful again… In my last entry i discussed the criticism about Ewa not going fully x-rated (in terms of what the camera is actually showing). My point again would be that Ewa Sonnet is a topless model, always was, ever will be. So no graphic views. Some will see that as a deal breaker, while i would reckon Ewa and her releases still as some of the hottest things you can get. So the glass rather is almost full than empty in some respect. Busty PL didn't release Nude Oil as a HD video, but it is released at a super high bitrate, so quality still looks good even on my super detailed 2560x1440 screen. It has a nice *amateur charm*, as Ewa has shot this video herself, and is running over 21 mins! More screen shots:


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