Mar 5, 2013

Nadine Jansen Is Attacking Our Computers !!

This one could be one of my typical titles, no? But this time i'm not speaking in metaphors :D Cyber Attack is indeed the title of Nadine Jansen's latest update. Can you imagine Nadine hiding in a room with the blinds down, packed with displays, and hacking into our systems? Maybe flooding our computers with ASCII graphics of her 36J boobs? Nadine as the girl with an attitude, after the Villa Brendano set she puts us again under her spell with this amazing, unstoppable vibe. And who would complain about such an attack, when she looks so iconic and irresistible? While she still is the gorgeous and sweet girl like in the sample at the bottom, who seems to say: You got hacked? No, it wasn't me! The whole high quality set is up at Nadine's site since a couple of days.



  1. I think she is pregnant... look at the last photo and think about it

  2. As I'm posting this more than six months later we all know that Nadine was not pregnant. Easy to say now yes, however if I had seen this the time you posted this I would have disagreed.
    Cyber attack Nadine style. Not sure if anyone wants a cyber attack but if Nadine was behind it I would be happy to let her attack my computer. She can hack me anytime. I guess I’m lucky as I would say Nadine is a cyber friend of mine.
    A very simple set this one. Love the way Nadine looks braless in her green top. Well she is wearing a black bra but her boobs are not in the cups of the bra. Love the picture of her showing her boobs off with her hands behind her head with the computer screens behind her. Nice to see Nadine loses her denim shorts later in set. We even get a quick flash of her shaven pussy before she covers herself again with her hands. Nadine is looking very beautiful as always.


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