Jun 14, 2012

Meow 34JJ aka Kat34K - Adventure In The Hot Pink Room

Meow 34JJ has recently changed her name to Kat34K. So she's a bigger girl now, however, as i understand things, she went for the name change because she is no longer personally involved in the "official" Meow 34JJ site and wanted to distance herself from it. I think that's an unfortunate decision because other sites she has appeared on before of course keep presenting her as Meow 34JJ. In other words, that name is (legally) available for her. So, as Meow 34JJ, Kat34k has a new release at PlumperPass. All Up In Them BBW Rolls is her 6th video/image set update for them, and it's an interracial scene. No, not with Omar this time, they've found a new black talent in the UK. It's kinda funny that so far i've mainly featured her dancing clips, like this super sexy performance with pigtails. But Kat aka Meow is mainly a hardcore model. And i just have to say Lord have mercy!! The same natural and totally sexy way like she does these dancing clips she appears in her sex adventures. Nothing looks exalted or staged about her, she's the real straightforward deal. More than amazing - she's a genius in that respect. While her super juicy, round body with these mouthwatering big boobs are a view of their own kind. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots from The Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


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