Jun 5, 2012

Pregnant Shyla Shy: Wow! Score Got Her In The Studio AGAIN !!

Yes, i'm not kidding! I have started to cover Shyla Shy's pregnancy releases early April - you find them through this link - and each of these 5 previous entries reached impressive visitor counts. It's obvious that even people who usually don't check knocked up girls love Shyla. I don't know if Score had planned that anyway or if they quickly responded to the overwhelming demand, but after the previous releases (which obviously were shot as one package) they got her in the studio again for brand new content. They even invited her for an interview that you can see on the ScoreBlog. There she tells that she's about one month away from due time. She looks noticeably bigger now. As i'm amazed again how beautiful and divinely feminine she is, and it's a pleasure to see how relaxed and positively unaffected she is behaving. Shyla Shy looks like the epitome of pure sexiness without even trying... I can only remember one other girl whom they got more than once into their studios during her pregnancy - Denise Davies. That content, if you're interested, is currently only available through the Chesty Preggos DVD.

Shyla Shy in the glory of her 8th month - you can see that on the fresh The Ready To Drop Preggie Show release. It' s issued as a 70 images set at XLGirls and a 15:10 min video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. I have to applaud here for shooting Shyla in a very natural light setting (while the previous releases didn't have that brightness overkill either unlike so many of Score's releases), creating a very detailed and spacial/direct impression of her mesmerizing super curves. The simple jeans shorts and orange top bring a sweet color combo to her roundness. Then, look! Cute shoes!! No high heels - man, did i tell that i can't see those frigging high heels any longer? They turned into the crappiest and unsexiest foot wear on this planet. Okay, at least in my opinion. While it is about time to give Shyla Shy an award for being consistently the nicest and most sexy dressed woman in porn. 2 weeks ago i spoke with another producer and he told me that a lot of her outfits are indeed clothes that Shyla is bringing to the set (a few have been given to her). So it's really her having such good taste. And after seeing these gallery samples, everybody agrees that Shyla is the most divine preggie ever, right?

4 screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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