Jun 7, 2012

Tanya Song is Tina at TopHeavyAmateurs!

Browsing their recent updates, i noticed that TopHeavyAmateurs have a model who, due to her very distinctive appearance, looks instantly familiar. Yes, this is Tanya Song!! They call her Tina, and this content obviously has been shot at a very early stage of her modeling career. So quite a few years ago. Tanya Song as Tina looks very young and certainly hadn't developed that accomplished and almost magical look which legions of fans love about her. But her kinda amateurish and more casual charm is very nice to see as well. While her boobs of course had already been a serious view. TopHeavyAmateurs haven't reprocessed yet these old image sets (they have quite a bunch of indoors and outdoors shoots) to their new 3000x2000 pix format, but the quality is still good. Here's a gallery with Tanya Song aka Tina "just" walking around downtown - although fully dressed, she looks plain gorgeous. Did i say fully dressed? Look at her wicked little flashing stunt! Below comes TopHeavyAmateurs' own screen shots from a very recently released video, showing her a little more playful and "milky".


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