Jun 28, 2012

Laura Orsolya: Wow! This Secretary Is So Badass!!

A while ago i saw somebody saying that Laura Orsolya looks a bit scary. He didn't mean her impressive physique - she is 5" 10' tall and certainly looks like she could wrestle quite a few of us down - he rather meant the wicked expressions that she is showing occasionally. I never found those scary. To me Laura looks more like a whole, easy-going package of fun who loves to play and just happens to have this wicked look at times. Maybe she is even real sweet face to face? I wouldn't be surprised.

Buried in my emails i found this older release from MyBoobs. It made me instantly think (and laugh) about this comment. Well wicked, Laura! Isn't she one of the hottest secretaries that we have seen? Her thighs, her 38F boobs, actually everything about Laura looks so fully loaded with hotness, i had a hard time to focus on my work if i were in the same office. MyBoobs have issued 2 sample clips  - more screen captures:

Since Laura Orsolya as the wicked secretary is a release from last year (image set and video), here's something more recent from MyBoobs - a sample of another Laura update from this June:


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