Jun 9, 2012

Emilia Boshe With Her 2nd Photo/Video Release At Score

It took several years till Emilia Boshe and Score finally got together in Berlin for extensive photo and video shoots. After Wunderbare Titten, here is the 2nd update, Wet-T Berlin, again coming with a photo set and a video. I've seen a few people discussing now whether the Score treatment suits Emilia, having differing opinions. I would say that Emilia - in the best sense - is your regular girl. She is upfront and very spontaneous. But also, and now comes a very special quality, she has a thorough vibe for twisted stuff. Not only in the sense of having a twisted sense of humor. She can come with the most simple details but give them - totally naturally - a very surprising or even friendly hilarious spin. If you ever text-chat with her, you will notice how much she loves to use the ;) emoticon. In other words, Emilia is your super sweetheart with a positive twist! That might explain why we have seen her with so different looks. 
The Score treatment as in Wet-T Berlin just adds more colors and eye candy to her vibe. Okay, if i were in the business as a photographer, i would shoot her in a different style quite likely ;) However, nothing is twisted of course about these tight clothes and her 36J boobs almost spilling out. After trying the stretchability of the Score T-shirt, she gives it the wet treatment in the shower, where we then see more fully nude views. Oh boy! Emilia has a juicy sexiness and some curves like we hardly see these days. The 50 images have been released at XLGirls, while the 22:19 min video is live at Score2Go and XLGirls. Samples from the preview gallery:

Screen shots are from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips    


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