Jun 24, 2012

Jaime And Sue Conner: Cuties Who Spank Each Other

From this still we can learn at least 2 things. Even when Jaime (aka Melissa Manning) is up to no good, she shows you a smile that simply is irresistible. As well we notice (again) that even in her most casual outfit she looks so sexy, it's amazing. Actually she's not up to drastic things. Her cute friend Sue Conner just receives a little spanking. Just for the fun of it. And because they are friends, Sue returns her the favor then. A Good Spanking, the video released last month, is Cosmid's latest update with Jaime so far - release #14 for her and Sue Conner's 3rd update. We don't see real nudity in this one, but Jaime and Sue look so cute and sexy - this is sweet stuff! And while this spanking session certainly isn't fierce, Jaime obviously has the harder punch, as the marks on Sue's butt clearly show. A few more screen shots:


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