Jun 3, 2012

Ines Cudna - A Siren At The Pool

DDFBusty has issued a new update called Unforgettable On Land And Sea. Now that's an announcement, isn't it? I say that after i have mocked their titles a bit recently (while everybody is invited to mock my titles). It brings Ines Cudna back, coming as a 110 images and 21 min video update. But is that content new, in the sense of recently shot? I doubt it. However, as much as that would be interesting to know, i let myself just blow away by her appearance, in particular with the video. My screen shot on top tells more than any words can. Ines Cudna in this release comes as the ultimate curvy siren, but looks still sweet, sensitive and approachable. What a combo. An ocean of delight, and so we perfectly accept the pool as the "sea". Unforgettable On Land And Sea makes her 18th update for DDFBusty, respectively her 19th for the DDFNetwork. Samples from the preview gallery:

A few more screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


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