Nov 5, 2013

Jennica Lynn: Beauty & The Beach - Time For Big Coconuts! (Photo Set)

Jennica goes to a beautiful beach in the Bahamas. Her first stop is by a coconut tree, letting us have a closer look. Yes, this is a breath-taking view! Of course we rather want to see her homegrown big coconuts… She doesn't let us down. Jennica Lynn is a such a beautiful girl, and has this soft, round and big butt. Now who gets tired of seeing these spectacular big boobs? 34M cups to be precise. While we just love this sweet and wicked smile, right? No surprise that Score kept their cameras busy with Jennica: since her introduction in mid September, they, if i counted correctly, have released 4 photos sets and 7 videos with this new big boob shooting star. So several Jennica Lynn updates since my last entry as well. These releases are spread over the various Score sites as well, so check the model directory links below for details. Beauty & The Beach is out at XLGirls with 88 photos. More samples:


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