Dec 4, 2013

Ewa Sonnet - Wow! This Little Red Hiding Hood Is Super Busty (2 Video Updates)

Damn, i've gotten really slow with my updates. Anyway, here's a view at 2 more recent video updates from Ewa Sonnet's site which came after Nudity. In Little Red Riding Hood Ewa is just wearing a shiny bordeaux cape - clever girl, how she is wearing it! And this little red riding hood doesn't look innocent. In Little Red Bouncing Boobs she shows up in a tight dress of a similar color - so sexy looking right from the beginning. And knocks us out by giving us all these overwhelming impressions of her super gorgeous big boobs. While she remains such a great performer in front of and around the camera. She is always something special. These clips are released at her new site which has been steadily updating since Summer. So there are a couple of updates now newer than these videos. More screen shots:


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