Dec 20, 2013

Did You Already See That? Maria Moore Has A New Site!!

About two months ago Maria Moore pulled the plug on the last incarnation of her website. Those weren't good news because i consider Maria as a model who definitely should have her dedicated site, besides the option to go to her c4s store and buy individual clips. Our calls have been heard - Maria Moore is back with a new version of Busty Maria Moore! I have no idea about the reasons of this change. Maybe she just wanted to work with a webmaster who is a real and visible person in the scene like her new one, rather than being just another slot of the more anonymous network that run her site before. But this is just my guess, it could be wrong of course. As well i'm guessing that her new site is bringing a mixture of previously released and new content. Maria has updated her clip store with lots of new stuff in the recent months, so i would some of that expect to be surfacing on her new paysite as well. These screen shots are from the preview trailer on her site. These blue dress samples look like classical Maria - yes, she has royally big boobs, she is hot and she has this unique and unstoppable appeal. Yay for Maria Moore's return with her official site!


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  1. very hot lady and nice to speak to on twitter always has time for everyone


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