Dec 17, 2013

Lantti Irres At Nadine-J. A Big Boob Model Contest Without Lantti Isn't Complete!

Lantti who? A few of you may ask… Yes, Lantti Irres. She is a model from Poland who has been doing the occasional cam shows. She even had her personal paysite. But apparently without getting well known enough to remain worth the efforts of regular updates . Even i had not heard about her site, only a fan told me about it recently. Only about half a year ago more and more images with her started popping up at places like Tumblr. Lantti looks like a sweet girl. When your eyes go further down, the view gets even sweeter. Lantti Irres has incredible huge boobs. 38K cups - wow! That's a serious number. And impression!

A couple of weeks ago Daktari, the man responsible for all the boobie magic behind Nadine Jansen's and Milena Velba's sites, told me that he is really working hard to get Lantti in front of his cameras. Till late November the first set got released. New In The Office just blew me away. Had i considered her before as sweet and interesting, i'm rating her now as incredible. Not sure what is making the difference in this new work. Maybe the darker hair, plus her cooler, more clear-cut look? I would think so. Lantti Irres, in this new appearance released at Nadine Jansens site, combines the view of her huge killer boobs and her impressions of being amazing hottie. She is serious business.


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