Dec 19, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Leather Pants And... Hard Nipples!

Checking these Ewa Sonnet videos, i notice (again) that she is using every angle of her locations. So rather the opposite of a "statue" who would just hold her assets into the camera. That implies a lot of walking around. And obviously making noises on this wooden floor, while i wouldn't expect a girl like Ewa Sonnet to live in the ground floor. I do that too sometimes, it helps when i'm looking for new ideas. And i had somebody complaining, once. While Ewa Sonnet is not looking for inspirations. She keeps delivering them. So here's a view at Hard Nipples which made it (in TrueHD) to her site after Little Red Bouncing Boobs and a Shower scene (very interesting too). Ewa is wearing a robe and leather pants, with the robe going soon. Her rather straight and "badder" look is stunning, right? And at the same time so gorgeous and hot. She has such a killer shape. And these incredible big boobs. I think these video is particularly great. After Hard Nipples quite a bunch of more updates got released - yes, there keeps a lot of goodness going on at Ewa Sonnet's still new site.


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