Jan 29, 2013

Michelle Monaghan And Karina Hart: Bouncing, Jiggling And Splashing In The Park

So you're doing your workout routine, running through a lonely park. Suddenly you see these 2 beauties bouncing around, with their majestic big boobs jiggling epically. What would you do? Take a seat, grab your water bottle and pretend to be about losing conscience? Maybe they would come over, to help with some refreshing effects, no? ;) Tittie Training Camp is a December 2012 release by DDFBusty and just too good looking to be omitted. Michelle Monaghan and Karina Hart had teamed up in October for the infamous 'Sprinkler Scene'. So here they go again as the busty dream duo, with galore of beauty, fun, sexiness and their tremendous big boobs. And a little dorkiness occasionally too :)  More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips


1 comment:

  1. They are both so similar but let's say that if Michelle Monaghan has bigger boobs, Karina Hart has a very lovely face and when she turn around you can ADORE one of the most perfect round asses in the world. And it's very rare to see a lovely round ass if a girl has big tits! Thanks Radiant for the news!


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