Jan 27, 2013

Fabulous News! Melissa Manning Has Her Own Site Now

Ok, not really breaking news, as her personal site is live for a couple of weeks now. Melissa had been super busy in the last couple of weeks, attending the Adult Entertainment Expo and shooting more content for her site. So finally i got hold of some samples.

Since her work with Cosmid (as Jaime) and Score Melissa Manning has been a super favorite on this blog, quickly making me write 20 entries so far (including this one). Indeed she is an attraction you hardly find a second time. Most famous for gorgeous big 36H boobs and her pretty face, she has a radiance to totally get captivated. Both her straight, serious look and her smile can get so intense, it's absolutely fascinating. This Santa picture f. ex. tells more than words can do. Another amazing aspect about Melissa: When she talks, f. ex. on Twitter, she isn't exactly a loudspeaker. She sounds rather serious, but always nice. But once the brakes are released, she gets on a captivating roll, totally, as we could see plenty of times on releases with her. Melissa is the busty darling just to be loved. But one with epic energy to be unleashed! So i think being on a site dedicated to her is a serious progress. The companies she has worked with definitely released some great content. But she just needs her own stage to unfold her treats in all their glory and richness, something that other sites, who just run her through their schedule, cannot deliver. The samples look well and professionally done, so Melissa going to the next level is indeed fabulous news.

These last 4 images are Behind The Scenes shots, quite likely you will not see them with official updates.


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