Jan 5, 2013

Gina G - Tremendous Big Boobs In Addictive Style

It was last July when 19 y/o Gina G made her modeling debut at Busty Britain. Overnight she became a favorite of the masses. While Busty Britain kept updating, Busty Brits - these sites are not related as far as i know - started working with her as well. Their approach is more classy, if you want so. But without making Gina G lose her girl next door look. They shot her in a natural but warm light, with little makeup, just the glasses had to go (at least for now). There we have Gina in her most ravishing allure, and her gorgeous curvy body with these tremendous 40HH just keeps us making us look. This is surely amazing content. Busty Brits have 4 huge, high quality sets out so far, and the next one is due to come. These samples are from the latest 2 sets.


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