Jan 30, 2013

Bathroom and Shower Video with Alice 85JJ - These Views Are Dramatic!

Only 3 month ago Alice 85JJ emerged with a bang. The updates keep coming with a steady pace, at XX-Cel and Divine Breasts. She has quickly become a familiar face, although seeing natural tits being that full and huge still keeps looking dramatically special. After XX-Cel's big special at the end of December, with Cel playing with her tremendous melons (just that!), XX-Cel video #4, Nozzle Nozzle, has just been released. We see Alice 85JJ in the bathroom, first inspecting her treasures in the mirror. These views are pure gold in terms of getting the right idea of how full her boobs really are. Then she takes a steamy shower. As you can see from the screen shots, this video, as usual at XX-Cel, is shot with brilliant imagination. That's why, but also because of the opportunities coming with a shower set, we're getting probably the most mind-blowing views so far of precious Alice 85JJ and her unique huge and soft assets on this new over 11 min long downloadable HD video at XX-Cel.


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