Feb 8, 2014

Surprise! Surprise! Mara Aka WinkingDaisys With 2 Updates At DivineBreasts

I discovered WinkingDaisys aka Mara during her first peak of fame in the social networks. While she even had a short-lived basic site with members only content. I was quite late to the game, but hey, that was almost 3 years ago. Later she has worked with Juggmaster. Since a while now she is super active as a camgirl, and with her clips4sale store. And almost every day i catch her posts at Twitter and Tumblr. You can still call her an amateur model, only in the sense however that she didn't work with more mainstream producers. But certainly not because her self produced content would look amateurish. Mara has eyes to see… I said "didn't" because i discovered to my surprise that she is on the DivineBreasts site since one week now. With, if i read her model directory properly, the photo set Lactating Mara Breast Pumping - samples are further down - and the video Mara Big Tits Squirting Milk, released today! So rather fetish content, focusing on her huge breasts. I have listed them as 44KK in the past, on her Tumblr she says 40N and DivineBreasts announces them as O cups. Either way, they are gigantic! But they're giving us at least a few views of her entire super curvy body and her gorgeous face too. She is such a character… and a sweet and down-to-earth girl too (as long as you don't annoy her). BTW, after seeing a few guys spreading such assumptions/rumors: she is not escorting in the UK, 100% no way! Mara is not even from the UK. She has always populated the US soil, in her bubbly, super busty girl from next door style. More screen shots from the video trailer:  


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