Feb 9, 2014

Aneta Buena With Doda - Volcanic By Nature

Checked my Tumblr this morning, to find that each one (!) of the last 60 notes to posts of mine is about an Anita Buena photo that i posted 2 years ago. Nice to see people bringing up again the good stuff. And a good reason to check Aneta's jacuzzi set again. Not much later i see that big-boob-world has a new entry about another really stupendous looking Aneta Buena set. Aneta for sure is famous for her beautiful and full big boobs, as well as for her amazingly big butt and hips. You can't just call her curvy, you have to spell it C-U-R-V-Y! But this post makes me notice again what a serious attraction Aneta's face is. She doesn't smile as often as other models (but when she does, she knocks us out!), there's no "aim to please" exaggeration about her. Rather she looks … i'd say volcanic by nature. So, since this must be Aneta Buena day today, it's a perfect coincidence that MyBoobs EU have inboxed me with another Aneta set. It is a girl/girl set - Aneta with a girl called Doda, who looks quite hot as well. Doesn't the top right shot look just priceless? Like the above mentioned sets, this one is released by MyBoobs EU who seem to be sitting on a huge treasure chest filled with Aneta Buena content, and of other girls too. More samples:


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