Feb 20, 2014

DDFBusty's 18 y/o Debuttante Lucie Wilde Showering Her Big Boobies. Plus More Big News

When i blogged about Lucie Wilde's first ever release, i mentioned that DDFBusty quickly updated with a follow-up. It is called Let's Dream About Lucie and comes as a shower set, including a little bit of playing. And this one is a completely different story: Lucie in this (her 2nd) update looks much more confident. So prettier (naturally!), more radiant, while giving us sweet tastes of her own, personal vibe. And of course plenty of views of these gorgeous big boobs gracing her slim n stacked body so tremendously. 

In her debut video Lucie had been introduced with an interview, where she only could answer to "What's your name?" with "Lucie", after some hesitation. Anything else had to be translated. So i was a bit surprised to see LucieWildeXXX on Twitter, talking in English, not perfectly though. Consider that many Twitter accounts from popular models are run by companies who have (exclusive) contracts with them, without any involvement of the said models. The whole tone of Lucie Wilde on Twitter sounds amazingly straightforward as well. Don't get me wrong here, i'm not saying that this must be clearly somebody else talking. I just tell that i was wondering if ;) In one of the tweets the use of Google Translate is mentioned - ok, that might be possible. Even more astonishing are further details revealed there: 10 complete updates have already been shot. And: those include hardcore! Even a Behind The Scenes preview shot is posted. It's rather unusual that such info is given in advance. But there you have it! As well, another interview has been posted to DailyMotion. For now, more samples from her (solo) shower scene, and screen shots (below):


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