Feb 6, 2014

Ewa Sonnet: Juicy Lips Video - Ewa In All Her Busty Glory

So Ewa Sonnet has another video out. Actually she has released plenty of new content since the leather pants video - the updates on her site are coming at least weekly (6 in January f. ex.). Juicy Lips (which actually is out since December) obviously got its title from the distinctive makeup. A different and very radiant look again, while Ewa is girl who surely shines in any style. Ewa is the super beauty with these magnificent big (or huge - depending on your perspective) boobs. And she has these quite particular videos. I wonder if somebody has a catchy title summarizing their style? It's basically a camera, Ewa, an elegant room - not in her flat i assume, because these rooms are changing with the time - with Ewa doing her turbulent, flirtatious shows. All on her own. I know, a few guys said "Why doesn't she have a camera man?" But that would change the whole mood. This way however she uses the whole room as her stage, literally, in HER way. This looks so intriguing. Just imagine sitting in the front row, like close to the camera. Who wouldn't get speechless? Juicy Lips has plenty of gorgeous views, Ewa's wonderful big boobs upfront, in every detail, as well as her amazing curvy body in its shining glory. You find the 12:37 FullHD video at Ewa Sonnet's site, together with a lot more of exclusive content.


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