Nov 14, 2013

Milena Velba - Just Another Shower (Video)

It's been a while, actually back in August, when i blogged the last time about Milena Velba. Yeah, it still was summer (feels like ages ago) and we saw Milena Velba (swimming) in The Green Lake, giving us sweet views of her always so incredible looking, big full boobs. Of course there have been multiple updates at her site since then, featuring Milena or her beautiful busty friends (sometimes with Milena). Here is a wet looking Milena again. In Just Another Shower she jumps under the shower with keeping her nightie on. You guessed it, her boobs look tremendous peeping through the wet fabric. She soaps and massages them… and finally rips the fabric apart, giving us the detailed view of her wonder breasts. An unbelievable pair! The whole almost 13 min HD video is out at Milena Velba's official site.



  1. This video was pretty good, but her latest “Cleaning Woman” video seemed to be an easy cop out... Waiting for some of the great girl-girl videos to come back! Why no Prison Riot video!!! :-(

  2. Yea, though I always look forward to her next video, unfortunately Milena does some really lame videos. Also, she produces 2 less videos each month than she used to.


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