Nov 26, 2013

Nadine Jansen Is Tuning Our Engines!

As usual, before blogging about Nadine Jansen, i scrolled through my recent posts of her. And am instantly psyched about her range of her roles, with always being so incredibly hot. While always remaining herself, TYPICAL Nadine. Tuning is her new set, just out at her site in its entirety. Surely quite a contrast again to As Time Goes By, her previous set. Wearing a grey overall, Nadine dedicates her talents to a big engine, for getting a better performance from it. Obviously she is equipped with the best tools. She looks amazing in that overall, doesn't she? And the excitement in the garage raises even more, once she starts to take off her overall. The 60 images set is out at her site, together with a wealth of high quality content.


1 comment:

  1. Haha, I love the title you give this set. What a lovely thought. Nadine Jansen tuning my engine.
    I have no idea how she does it. How can anyone look that sexy in overalls? Nadine starts off with her hair in two pony tails, flat cap and glasses. However her overalls are not fully done up and she is flashing her magnificent cleavage. After a little teasing her amazing boobs are on full show. I love the expression on her face as she first lies on her back and then stands to attend the engine. Nadine looks as beautiful and sexy as ever as she jumps up onto the work bench. Come the end you are begging her to take the overalls off but unfortunately she never does.
    I think the last in the set is one of the sexiest I have ever seen her. Really I here you say? Yea, It’s just the look on her face and her hair. Standing there with her boobs hanging down with her overalls around her waist.
    Nadine can tune my engine anytime. If she worked in my local garage then I would had a problem with my car every single day!


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