Jul 21, 2013

Melissa Manning - Makes Me Wonna Celebrate. Her!

If Melissa Manning (aka Jaime) invited me to her garden party, i think i would get into a very festive mood. And actually seeing and talking to her surely more upbeat :D I think Melissa has one of the most gorgeous faces we can see these days. For that part alone my smiles per minute rate would raise dramatically. Independence Day Darling is one of the recent updates from her site that launched right at the beginning of this year. And which, as the updates page shows, has been filled with tons of very tempting looking content in the last months - professional photo sets, videos and quite a bunch of very long recordings of her famous cam shows. Melissa isn't one bit shy of showing off her juicy curvy body fronted by these tremendous looking big boobs - 36H to be precise. And in her whole vibe just amazingly genuine, bubbly and original, with occasional moments where she shows a quite bizarre sense of humor. Melissa is a real experience, just purely sexy from head to toe. Have a look at her site, i'd be surprised if you wouldn't start to smile. More.


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