May 15, 2013

Nadine Jansen: Action Girl, Armed With LOADS Of Effective Weapons, And On Fire!!

Oh boy :) That's the stuff why i love blogging. Y'know… a lot of what i'm doing is just daily routine: i check the usual suspects to see what is new. Sure enough i run into a lot… well, what not many would miss if it never had seen the day light. As well there are many good releases. Then, occasionally, there is stuff like this new image set from Nadine Jansen. You click the link without suspecting anything, and your jaw instantly drops. As well your hat flies off. Unbelievable stuff! This is Nadine in the ultimate action girl shot. She is armed with a whole array of weapons we have not seen before. To impress us even further, she shows us these world famous tremendous big boobs. Isn't she plain outrageous? Once the weapons served their initial purpose, she sits down to play with these huge 36J boobies, in the style like a tough girl would. Nadine Jansen often looks like an easy-going and laid-back babe, who just might be up for some light-hearted fun. Like in her Pottery update. It cracks me up how dramatically epic and on fire she can get. Phenomenal! The whole set is released at her official site.


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  1. An unusual set of Nadine. I guess after almost 13 years it must be hard to come up for new ideas for the photosets. I love to see Nadine’s beautiful face as well as her beautiful body. In this set you never get to see very much of either. No boob sucking!
    However, Nadine looks like she is having fun. She does bring a fun element to her posing with her weapons. Not the usual weapons we love. We do of course see plenty of her own very special weapons. I guess the whole set is fun. Nadine has done similar sets, may 08 in the woods and her amazing Lara Croft set back in 2004. I think Nadine likes to do them.
    Who would turn down a bit of action with Nadine? Not me for sure!


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