Jun 3, 2013

Milena Velba + Nika (Virginia Simms): Big Mega Boobs For The Bike Wash!

Since her Big Boob Show In The Beer Bar video i haven't blogged about Milena Velba. But for sure the updates at her site had been coming at the regular rate. A lot of mind-blowing activity has been happening there. Blogging about the good stuff from her site alone would keep me quite busy. So just a brief mention of a video from about a month ago that has to be seen to be believed: Milena doing a classical Hexentanz (Witch's Dance) to not so traditional (but intensive) music. A totally unique and also dramatic view. Milena is such a convincing dancer, and naturally we see her gigantic boobs bouncing like mad.

For her latest video she has Nika and her helping hands for getting her bike into fine shape. Nika is something like a rediscovery after only a few appearances in 2010, at Nadine Jansen's site, Cosmid and The Score Group (who call her Virginia Simms). She has long hair now, suiting her much better IMHO. Nika looks rather tall, and with her very sexy round butt, that sweet face and these beautiful big boobs like a hell of a girl. Totally gorgeous! I'm sure we will see more of her. Nika's helping hands quite soon get Milena's top off. After Milena shows how her big mega boobs are very effective on wiping the seat, both girls' hands change their focus from the bike to each other's big breasts. Intensive booby action all the way! Nika and Milena obviously had a lot of fun with each other. Milena in particular looks exceptionally flirty, as the whole video comes with a tremendous vibe. Another super turn-on. Bike Wash is out at Milena's site since this weekend.

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