Jun 19, 2013

Milena Velba Press Conference. You Can't Beat Her Arguments

In one of her updates for this month, Milena Velba *does* a Press Conference. This is a pretty obvious idea for a photo set actually. But i've hardly ever seen it done, i can't remember a single one right now actually. Miming such a scenario shouldn't be too hard. But to do make a real splash with it, you obviously need a model with the talents of Milena Velba. I mean it's bizarrely sweet how convincing she looks at the beginning. A hilarious and hot view at the same time, despite her being fully dressed. Sure enough she unleashes these firm and huge boobies, and then there's no other argument left: Milena simply rules. After seeing her clean her bike together with sexy Nika, Milena again just cuts it. You find the whole set at her official site.


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