Jun 4, 2013

Ewa Sonnet: Oil For Her Body Means Stellar Busty Art

After taking care of us as the unforgettable flight attendant, Ewa Sonnet returns with another amateur style video to Busty PL. Front Cam Oil is not another version of Nude Oil, i.e. just a different camera position. This time we can watch Ewa oiling her precious body and stellar big boobs completely. And we see her from all angles, as she moves around quite a bit. The relatively low (but definitely not too dark!) light together with these reflections on her body adds an amazing effect, looking much better in the video actually than these screen caps. As well Ewa's way of acting in front of the camera again looks just too gorgeous and unstoppable. So when i said 'amateur style' i just meant the pure approach, like using a stationary camera. What we see is supreme and irresistible. The whole 13.25 min downloadable video is out at Busty PL, the place that holds TONS exclusive content with Ewa Sonnet, plus lots of other busty models, including a few recent additions with Maria Swan.


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