May 21, 2013

Roxi Red: She Has 38K Cannons. And The Look To Get Us Nuts!

Not many news about Roxy/Roxi Red since my last blog entry. Except that there's a new photo set out at Scoreland. Now i could just write one phrase: She's got the most insanely hot huge boobs. And most of you would just go nuts over these samples anyway, no? But there's more to Roxi Red. I think her legs look incredible too. And her tight round butt is a serious turn-on as well. In the new Super 38K Cannons update Roxi is wearing tight denim pants, so we're getting killer impressions of her legs and butt too. STELLAR!! Also her face has always had my attention. So, starting last year, i had a little conversation with Score (yes, they do reply), suggesting to tone down her makeup, so that she would look less like a freak and rather her various gorgeous looks would come across better. No matter now if they listened or got that idea as well, here's the less 'retouched' Roxi Red - looking hot and sharp as she can get. Dramatic views, right? You find the whole set, together with the 6 previous ones plus a nice collection of videos, at the Scoreland site.


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