Apr 5, 2013

So… What's Up, Candi?? - BigCutie Candi/Candi Shea Talking About Her Latest News!

I have decided to introduce … *drum roll* … a new very simple interview/straight talk feature. It's meant to allow models (or whomever i might ask) to talk about what's going in their work (or life), without needing long intros or warm-up questions. Spontaneity rules! For the inauguration i have BigCutie Candi aka Candi Shea. Candi, for the last time here back in September, has her BigCuties site running for nearly 2 years now, with 60 updates so far. She takes modeling rather serious - in the best sense of the word, if you look at her images and videos. While she is such a gorgeous and sexy girl, with a juicy plump body and these mouthwatering 38DD boobs - no surprise she became so popular. As Candi Shea she has been a super busy camgirl (although on a break currently), letting people catch her naughtier side. As well you can find Candi often on Twitter, giving amazingly frank answers to questions or being very generous with spontaneous photos. Over 12,000 followers are an argument, right? These images are from Pudgy in a Parka and St. Patrick's Panty Parade, the latest updates from her site, and, further down, a couple of snaps she has sent me. So… What's Up, Candi??

Well, not really big news. I've taken a break from the webcam but should be returning within the next few months. I love cam shows though, one of my favorite things to do is to put on a show. I love being naughty sometimes for the people and pleasing them.. I am a people pleaser lol 

Modeling is going well. I feel like I have made a lot of strides to improve my sets and I am more and more proud of the material I am shooting. My favorite set so far is the set called Pudgy In A Parka. It's on my site since a couple of days. I just love everything about it. The setting, the outfit, and how I look. Hard to explain in detail. I just think I look good in the set.. In some pics I look innocent and some not so innocent, but I love them all.

I still am updating my Twitter.. I love my Twitter followers and try to give them some good free material to keep them interested and happy. I try to interact with people through the ask.fm thing and sometimes go on Yahoo to talk to everyone.


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