Apr 15, 2013

Nadine Jansen - Making Pottery, But Not The Usual Way

The latest photo set on her site is called Pottery. At the first glimpse it seems that Nadine Jansen has taken a break from modeling and started making pottery. Seeing all these creations in the background at least could make us think so. But wait a sec! Introducing her huge boobs into the shaping process might be an original idea. But look what is she doing then! Actually she applyies the clay body onto her world famous 36J boobs. What a naughty minx she can be! I doubt that she is getting much work done that way. Consequently she gives up on the pottery later in the set, and just shows off her gorgeous qualities. Doesn't she have a particular nice looking tan in these images? After being the badass cyber attacker, Nadine Jansen returns as the super adorable straight and natural girl. Pottery is up on her site since earlier this month.



  1. Nadine’s attempt at pottery is not the best of shape. Luckily for us Nadine is in perfect shape.
    I love Nadine with her hair up. She looks very sexy in her outfit showing of her fantastic cleavage. Her attempt at pottery is not going too well so her hands move towards something much more shapely. Nadine then tries using her big boobs on the clay. Not surprisingly the clay looks no better and Nadine is left with a mess all over her boobs. I’d like to make a mess all over Nadine’s big tits! The second half of the set with Nadine sat on the table before lying on her side and then back are fantastic. Finally Nadine is on her hands and knees, that is always a lovely sight before sitting up and letting her hair down. As always Nadine is looking sehr schön. She always does!

  2. This set is great, of Nadine. I love her large areola, and fat cleavage ��


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