Apr 8, 2013

Raquel Stoops (Rockell Starbux): Casual Hottie By The Lake

It's been ages since i've blogged about any updates from the Cosmid site. It's still an exceptional site and they keep issuing 6 or more updates per week. Without giving out many previews or promos though. So here's at least a quick look at Raquel Stoops - yes, this is her name at Cosmid since her debut there exactly 2 years ago, long before she became much better known as Rockell Starbux. On Golden Pond makes her 16th update for Cosmid, with 100 high quality images, coming in the typical pure, no strings attached Cosmid style. Raquel/Rockell comes as the super adorable girl from next door, and even when fully clothed she looks so sexy. But these clothes go off, showing us every detail of her blazing curviness and these now famous big boobs. Raquel Loves Being Outside is the matching video released more than a month ago. My screen shots are from the low res sample clip, so just the intro teaser, but this is already serious what we're seeing, right?


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