Apr 4, 2013

Micky Bells - Tea Time? It's Time For Royally Huge Boobs To Shine!

We haven't seen so much of Micky aka Micky Bells recently. I've blogged about her in January, and then you have to go way back to Summer 2012. Finally she has returned. Strawberries And Nipples is an all-new release (as Score is telling us), issued as an photo set at XLGirls and a 16:45 video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and XLGirls. At first look she might be a lady set for tea-time. But actually she has strawberries and cream to lick and eat, and champagne. Micky makes an incredible impression, probably emphasized by her rather kool look, oscillating between a mildly bored, sultry and also sweet expression while her huge boobs and and her soft curviness are amazingly contrasting with and shining through this room filled with angular elements. She really takes this room over like a monument that embodies nothing but blazing hotness. More samples:

More screen shots from the Flash trailer and the WMV sample clips


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