Apr 12, 2013

Janne Hollan - Her Argument Is Quality

Scoreland have a new photo set out with Janne Hollan, the 3rd one, after 3 videos as well. They've called it Bumper Shock - well, also they say that Janne, besides modeling, works as a customer service rep for a car company. There you have the reference. The actual set could us also make believe that she is the painter of the image behind her, and proudly showing off in front of it. The amazing thing about Janne Hollan is that above all she looks like a sweet and gorgeous girl from next door, who then, for seconds, very convincingly could be a business woman. Or a creative. Or just a super cutie. A fascinating range of looks. Less uncertain is her straight hotness. With those big natural boobs - 38G cups - coming with her super curvy, slightly plump body she has VERY captivating arguments. And whether she discusses business or arts, she delivers the quality of her presence, making it hard for us to stay focused. Bumper Shock makes a wonderful follow-up to the leopard set from last October. More samples:


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