Dec 8, 2011

Supathick Mami - Crazy Hot In Every Respect

It's been a while since i featured SupaThick Mami. I called her a rare species the last time, and nothing is more true than that. I refrain from putting her into categories (matching ones had to be invented). Ms Supathick Mami is 5' 9" tall, her measurements are 52 - 48 - 66 and she has currently 56,903 friends on Myspace. Yes, on Myspace lol Wonder how many she had if that place still were popular. In other words, everything about her is huge.

People are praising her for her mega butt - yes, it is super huge, but, what gets people really addicted, it has a such a tremendous shape that is just crazy hot. And she is such a beauty, even an iceberg would throw in the towel. But the biggest aspect about SupaThick Mami is her natural confidence to pose. And to be noticed. Sure, somehow that's true for any model. But for SupaThick Mami, you can emphasize each of these aspects double. She has an unique great taste in choosing her outfits, and on each of her sets she looks super radiant, with still remaining just herself. She breathes through every pixel of her work.

It might not come as a surprise that, more than almost any other BBW or SSBBW model, Supathick Mami puts her energy into showing off her gorgeous and sexy herself, rather than doing strictly fetish updates (where beauty and sexiness are 2nd rate citizens). But she is a very spontaneous girl as well, so nothing looks staged about her.

Even better, Supathick Mami is not a girl who tries to be everybody's darling. She just does her thing, naturally. Consequently she runs her site all on her own, even the design is all her own work. She is the mega package of an adorable and epically sexy girl. Here's a few samples from Corset & Plaid Leggings which made it to her site in November. She released two other updates since then. Both hot as well, but this one looks particularly killerious. And i've got more images to post from that one ;)


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