Dec 15, 2011

Leanne Crow - A Cue, Balls And 34J Boobs

Leanne Crow visits the billiard table where more than a few other famous models tried their skills on. I'm speaking of DDFBusty's pool table. In other words, Leanne's 13th DDFB update is out. At the beginning she looks rather focused to the common way of playing pool, maybe just a bit sparsely dressed with just panties and a tight bra. But soon Leanne succumbs to the fascination to use the cue and the balls in different than its inventors had planned it. The bra goes off, and we see her in all the glory of her supremely curviness together with these famous 34J boobs. She tries all kinds of little things with those accessories. And teases as us if there were no tomorrow. Her Tits Alone Do The Job comes with 110 pix and a 17 min video in various downloadable (true) HD formats. Samples from the preview gallery:


Leanne's Crow's naturally sweet and sexy vibe is even more visible in the video. Screen caps from the WMV sample clips and the Flash trailer:



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