Dec 1, 2011

April Mckenzie - The Pleasures Of Fluffy Softness And Mega Gallons

PlumperPass - i said this before - doesn't make it easy to blog about their solo updates. They only release one low res Flash trailer which, because of the motion blur, sometime leaves very little chances to capture a few stills that don't look to bad. But an appearance of April Mckenzie is something i cannot miss. 

Dildo Loving is April's 17th update for PlumperPass, and looks like her purest and most upfront scene. Apparently there is no talk from the camera man, no random fooling around, just straight in your face April playing with her super luscious, long 36GG gallons and pleasuring herself with a huge toy. April Mckenzie hasn't such a big frame, what makes her plumpness look even softer and juicier. Together with her mega gallons - you won't find similar treasures with another girl - and her totally  unaffected look she comes across so soft and alluring, there's no comparison. Screen caps from the Flash trailer:



  1. Really a great model. I remember her with boobs full of milk... she is still amazing. Thx Mate

  2. Yep, she definitely is. If she only did more modeling.


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