Dec 11, 2011

Gya Roberts - Scorching Visuals

Gya Roberts aka just Gya, as Score calls her, arrived suddenly at the scene, so it seemed, and became one of the most popular plump and busty models this year. She reached such a popularity because of the feature DVD Montego Babes, and the pre-release of its scenes on the various ScoreGroup sites (check Gya's Model Directories below for details). It turned out however that she has been arround before. Gya is from Romania like Alicia Loren (they are friends and have modeled together on Alicia's site a while ago), and she well known as a camgirl under a different name, as SexxBooomB.

Scoreland has issued now 2 more images sets - Whole Lotta Woman 1 and Whole Lotta Woman 2 which actually come from the same shoot, so they decided to split these 120 images into two releases. Booom (from her camgirl ID) for sure is the appropriate word to go with her modeling style, a fitting extension to my calling her a powerhouse before. While there's no 'too much' about Gya, as she just has a genuine confidence and energy to come maximally out of her shell in front the camera and take over the scenery. She is a girl with a lot of bubbly power! While she still remains gorgeous, and easily would make a sweet company even for a dinner with candle lights, i suppose. Her terrific looking full 34HH boobs are making scorching impressions in these shots, and the views of her big and plump body are probably the most exciting ones that we are getting so far. In particularly in Whole Lotta Woman 2.


The preview gallery to Whole Lotta Woman 1 doesn't have much revealing shots (although Gya will get there in the continuation). A few samples:



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