Jun 17, 2011

RedFoxyGirl - A Super Legend Returns!!

Wow. RedFoxyGirl left the scene exactly 3 years ago. I had very little hopes to hear from her again. Now she is back, doing cam shows on iFriends. Yes, the shots below are very recent, from late May till June 2011. These news are really really exciting.

Some of you probably hear her name the first time. And may wonder what makes me call RedFoxyGirl a super legend. There isn't even a Boobpedia page for her (what is inexcusable BTW). Easy answer: She never worked with any of the mainstream companies. All she did was having a Southern Charms site for years and doing occasional cam shows . But she has some of the most stupendous boobs i've ever seen. Together with her Genuine Girl Next Door looks she could have made it to any of the big sites. Easily. If that had happened, everybody would know her. See what i mean? 

A couple of stills posted to her cam host profile:

I think she looks GREAT!! She obviously shed a good amount of the weight she had gained and kept after her pregnancy. And rather has the dimensions of the earlier  stage of her career again. I love this shape of her. And i prefer her face as it shines now. Definitely a more radiant 'serious' and sensual appeal compared to her teeny girl look back in the days. You guys love comparisons, right? Okay, here's 2 screen caps of RedFoxyGirl from 2008 and from around 2005 (below).

A big applause to bigrobuk for this discovery and his post on the ChubbyParade board. Without him we wouldn't have learned these news.


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