Jun 10, 2011

Nadine Jansen - The Nude Carpenter

Well, she might not wear the official work clothes of a carpenter. But Nadine Jansen's new image set is called Work Bench, the individual images hobel1 etc and Hobel means planer in English. So the affection with those retro/manufactory location keeps going, with their kinda grim charm always creating a fascinating contrast to Nadine's soft and radiant look. But now, what's much more important: Nadine gets fully nude!! I have to say that she never looked like holding back or hiding something. Given the right outfits, poses and camera angles - something that's always the case with Nadine's releases - topless/semi-nude of course can have the full impact. But we don't complain when we see the full nude deal once in while, do we? Especially after Nadine Jansen has such a nice butt as well. And she really looks like on fire on this first sample.


1 comment:

  1. This is the first fully naked Nadine photos for well over a year. I was quite surprised when I saw these. I had spoken to her (email) shortly before and she said she was uncomfortable doing anything to sexy, ie lingerie, stockings, suspender belt because she could not shift weight from her tummy.
    I have a few jobs that need a good carpenter around my house. I think I would be keeping an eye on the carpenter if Nadine were doing these jobs for me rather than the workmanship. Anyway with a body like Nadine's who cares what the quality of the work is like.


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