Jun 10, 2011

Angela White - Little Rope Tricks

Some girls seem to have the sexiness gene implanted in just anything that they're doing. Angela White is one of the shiniest examples. She can randomly look at you, and it's WHOA! She can even do such a trivial thing like posting on Twitter, and still the sexiest vibe keeps shining through. Very recently, after being 8 years in business, Angela's did her first ever hardcore scenes for Scoreland. Big news of course (that's the game the biz), but (not surprising too) met by a few reserved reactions as well, wondering what that would mean for her subsequent career. I don't think that Angela lost even one cell of her sexy bubbliness and her fun. She used the thunder of her new releases to jumpstart her webcam work. And to be more present at the various places on the internet as the fresh and charming girl who she is.

XX-Cel released now this pictorial (115 images) showing what Angela White can do with a rope. Nothing painful, she just plays for the fun, in her unmistakable Angela way. And of course for the plenty of opportunities to show off her tight curvy body with those famous 36G boobs. Again it's amazing as well what a great photographer Cel is. When when i mentioned that Angela's sexiness seems to be universal, just check the intro shot. What a look is that!! For the start... while with the 3rd image things start to get supernatural. Samples from the preview gallery:


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