Jun 16, 2011

AngelaEXPOSED - Angela White's Must-See Blog [Update]

Stealing SmoothieLuv's words when he asked the rhetoric question: Is Angela White completely on fire or what? - the reply can only be: Yes, she obviously is. As her next step for immortality, complete dominion or i don't know what she started her blog now. Where she threatens us with the announcement that she will release weekly updates with new images, news etc. Now look at that first pic post! These are  are hi fab shots, yet Angela's unique personal sexiness comes perfectly across. Smoothieluv has more shots of that caliber. Lord have mercy. And: life is good :D So make sure to bookmark Angela's blog.   
Update 2011-06-16:
Noticed that my entry so far might give you the idea that AngelaEXPOSED consists only of a blog. But it's much more. Something like Angela's hub for now, with galleries, a downloads section, links to her webcam shows etc. Concluding from the sleek look of the design and the images, there's serious professional work behind it. And maybe ideas for bigger things to happen in the future? It will be exciting to see what Angela White's longterm plans with her site are…


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