Jun 21, 2011

Mandy Majestic - First Previews From Her Juggmaster Shoots

Activity level keeps high in Mandy Majestic land. First the launch of her site. The attention she got was huge. And Mandy obviously not only loves the attention. Like a champion and a sweetheart she responded to the crowds addressing her on various places, as if she never had done anything else. Then she flew to LA to shoot with big boobs photographer legend Juggmaster. I got the first results now. As a side observation, it's amazing to see the typical 'elements' of Juggmaster's style so vividly populated by Mandy. In the big picture though, Mandy is just a crazy hot BBW. Her 42K boobs look spectacular. While her at the same time cute, gorgeous and serious look is adorable to no end.

A few captures from Greetings The Members webcam special:

Captures from the first video:

1 comment:

  1. A extreme beauty has this Mandy, she's gorgeous from to see her. I have stayed perplexed with she. Her teats are huge and gorgeous, besides have a doll face charming. Thanks for share these pics with us.


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