Sep 10, 2010

Lola Lush shows up glamorously plump and does Lush Loving

Lola Lush reminds me of how TRICKY things can be. Without a safety-net or obvious directions to follow. She did two scenes for PlumperPass last year which were easy, straight and captivating. And two for XLGirls - winners again regarding her adorable sexiness, but both looked a bit "forced" because of, in my impression, "to-be-done things" in these scenes. Not Lola's fault, i would say. 

Lola rules with her solar BIG and tight ass. With her big and cute looking boobies she also shines in the boobs category. Lola is clearly one of the most beautiful plumpers. While you never can tell if she looks just sweet and innocent, naturally naughty (but NEVER staged), like the one who plays more tricks on you than you will ever understand or like the decent and cute chick from next door you wonna marry, but who will tell you: Dream on, dude… Lola is all of that. The world can be tricky, especially when common categories fail.

She said once that she didn't want to become a full-time model. So i had been under the impression that Lola just did these four video scenes plus image sets, and moved on. It comes as a big surprise now that she worked again with PlumperPass. It's definitely fresh content - her boobs look impressively larger. And that's a serious belly what she is sporting now. She's quite the full sweet and juicy bomb! Together with that sweet face, i lift my head and say: Lola, you're the epitome of a beautiful plumper. And a full package of a mega gurl actually - after adding the tricky range of impressions. Which i see as extra spice actually.

PlumperPass (again) messed up the video format. This time it's "letterboxed" (notice the black bars) and stretched. Preview#1, preview #2, preview #3

That's what you are getting...

... i tried to correct the stretched width (hard)

I''m not really happy with the photos too. As usual they're shot from not exactly flattering angles, in particular the solo ones (taken from a way too high point of view)
From the image set 



  1. I am sorry Lola about the posts I did on freones..In my stupid way,I guess I was telling you.You should watch out what you post online..I thought your posts on stickham(not sure of spelling)were really cool..Your a very pretty woman..Never EVER forget that..

  2. Its okay. I still think I have bunny teeth ;-)


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