Sep 13, 2010

Baddass Brunette does Naked Yoga - bringing out your inner ZEN

I took another look after featuring last week's update of Miss Baddass Brunette. A couple of promo clips - small stuff. Enough to confirm: There's nothing small about this girl. This girl got boobs! Ass! Belly! All in serious dimensions. Holy Coconut Rumble!!! And how she moves - i see cute and gorgeous energy at play. Also, this girl can organize scenes! There's nothing so-so. Baddass Brunette apparently has a clear VISiON behind her shots, to make sure we're getting more than random impressions of her.

Naked Yoga is a terrific concept for a shot. I've seen 2 or maybe 3 yoga sets before. But Baddass Brunette took its potential (for modeling) to the next level: showing off in its purest form.

This shot is serious business

Screenshot from lower quality promo clip

"Fun In The Sun"/Screenshot from lower quality promo clip

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