Sep 2, 2010

Shione Cooper And Westy Together - More Stupendous "Sunbrella" At the Beach [Upd.]

On my other blog i posted about Shione Cooper's solo update for Lipstick111 that i called "Sunbrella At The Beach".  A highly iconic set with Shione looking more scrumptious than ever. Because of her softer and more rounded look people started to assume that Shione is pregnant. See my comment on the set, my observations on the pregnancy part and general comments on Shione here.

Lipstick111 today released a follow-up to that infamous shoot, now showing Shione And Westy together. This preview image alone looks terrific. And, although i knew that before, Shione isn't the shorty as one might assume, after seeing other content.

Promo clip on Dailymotion:

Officially confirmed however is Westy's pregnancy. The news was posted on Milena Velba's site, on Aug. 23rd, 2010. Here's a preview image, showing Westy with considerably bigger boobs and belly (not sure how long this link is valid)

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  1. Commenting on my own post now: The "follow-up" with Shione Cooper & Westy is a video! At the time when i wrote my entry i didn't have this exact info, but just 1 preview image. The video, actually 5:24 long and titled as "Promo" (indicating there is a longer version to come), looks even better than the already much promising preview. Never before i saw Shione looking so consistently soft, charming and genuine. It's amazing.

    cofidis1999 has a substantial thread running on Curvage about the more 'recent' Shione -

    Well worth checking.


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